Transition Coaching (1 Hour)

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I now offer one-on-one personalized coaching online via Skype for raw, vegan, and fruitarian-based lifestyles.

Each session is one (1) hour long and focuses on YOUR individual needs.

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Need help transitioning to raw? Let me help educate and allay your nutrition fears of the lifestyle and help direct you to proper authorities and scientific/medical resources, and suggest strategic methods for implementing and overcoming your obstacles.

Each session is one (1) hour long and focuses on YOUR individual needs.

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10 reviews for Transition Coaching (1 Hour)

  1. LynnSanJose

    Recently I have wanted to further my health journey with coaching support from someone who had a similar disease background and someone who has been a low-fat raw vegan. My fat intake has greatly reduced over the years, but not to the point where I was satisfied. After having tried a few avenues, someone referred me to Rebecca Rosenberg and I found a great coach.

    She had gone through a great transformation, shared her growth on Facebook and YouTube, and is a consistent low-fat raw vegan.

    She gave me a plan that supported my need to have energy through the day, and taught me how to prepare and calculate my intake to reach my caloric goals. She helped me prepare for and overcome tempting social situations and my busy workplace schedule, encouraged a healthy hydration and exercise plan to support my goals, guided me with scientific data to support growth and healing, and recommended certain supplements but warned against others according to the science.

    She listened to my needs, thoroughly reviewed my growth and noted progress, shared ways to redirect thoughts to focus on my goals, she really listened to me, and more.

    From this plan, I saw my energy and clarity of mind return. My skin began to look good in areas that had been more swollen or dry.

    I look forward to touching base with her over the months to come. I look forward to seeing more growth and healing through the months and years ahead.


  2. Tammy Blomsterberg (verified owner)

    I reached out to Rebecca because I was having some stomach/digestion issues after being low-fat raw vegan for a couple of years. I knew that I wanted to stay on the raw diet because I had so much energy and felt amazing overall but I needed some support.

    My coaching session with her was incredible! Sh​e’s ​so kind and fun to work with. She’s very knowledgable and makes sure that what she shares is also scientifically correct. She goes above and beyond to help and support her clients. She had me sending her information before our session to help her figure out what might be happening. You can feel her passion and love for helping people. I felt like I was speaking with a friend who truly cared about me.

    She created a plan for me and is helping me adjust and make changes as needed along the way.​ She answered all of my questions during our session and shared many tips and suggestions that have been very helpful.​ ​I​’m so grateful to be coaching with her​! I ​highly recommend​ working with her.

  3. arejon (verified owner)

    ***** 5/5 stars
    A. R.
    I have had my first session with Rebecca and I can say I am very happy I took the step. I was nervous about how the session will go because I am no near a vegan lifestyle but trying all my best and healthy issues and getting worse. After my first session ( I already booked 4 more) I can say I am amaze about how much I learnt and how customized is her approach. She is compassionate and loving in every step. After only one session, I have a plan to start with and every single detail I need to conquer and succeed! and most important for me after years of suffering and frustration about how to heal, I have hope for the first time in a long time! I am very grateful I decided to have these coaching session with her!
    Rebecca is passionate, very knowledgeable and very well documented, all is scientist base info. I felt heard and that she knew what I was talking about ( I almost never has this feeling with my doctors). I totally recommend her if you are thinking about getting your life a real treat and heal and be healthy!

  4. animaldefender0909 (verified owner)

    First off let me just say that Rebecca is AWESOME!!! I contacted her last fall to help me maintain a raw, mostly fruit diet/lifestyle to help my body heal (I have breast cancer). I do many natural things but diet is key and though I’ve been a long time vegan, I still had room for improvement.

    I really wasn’t sure what to expect from our sessions since this was my first time for something like this. We talked about all sorts of things from diet, recipes, how to come up with healthier solutions to things I enjoy eating but were cooked, when I did mess up a few times she was very supportive and great and helping me look at my mistakes at all angles, and most of all, our skype calls kept me very motivated.

    Rebecca is SUPER knowledgeable about many things. That certainly was a boost in my confidence in her and what she was saying. Plus she may not have been in my shoes but she has dealt with serious health issues so it was so nice to have conversations with someone that has gone thru struggles too. She always impresses me when I think about where she’s been and where she is at now.

    Over the months I’ve seen so many improvements in my own body and mind and this is coming from a person who always believed she was a healthy vegan. Diet is SO important especially if you want to heal the body and maintain it.

    Anyone who is considering taking the plunge into a healthier lifestyle, I so recommend sessions with Rebecca. She’s always so upbeat, positive, and simply put, I admire her and am so thankful to have met her.

    I do plan to continue our sessions in the future.

    Rebecca is Super classy, smart and 5 stars all the way!!!

  5. jr.hedden (verified owner)

    Rebecca is..
    Patient and kind
    Literally a godsend.

    Everything you could ever want in a life coach. Why waste any time reading reviews? Book a session with her already! Book two!
    If you are looking for a sign, here it is. Do it. Your life is finite. Don’t wait another minute. Have the courage to live it the way you’ve always wanted to. *DISCLAIMER* Only book a session with Rebecca if you want to radically change your mind and your life.

  6. silvia.konaklieva (verified owner)

    I had my first long-awaited Skype conversation with Rebecca yesterday and it was wonderful.
    I started my raw vegan journey a little bit over 25 years ago, yes! I am actually a long term raw vegan of the simple (non-gourmet) persuasion. And yet I will gladly pay money to speak to Rebecca and I feel happy and honoured to learn even more through her!
    For someone doing this over such a long time, I am already convinced through my own experience that a diet based on fresh fruit primarily is our nature intended species specific diet. And yet my online interaction with Rebecca has pretty much doubled my love and enthusiasm for the simple raw vegan life! I joined her raw challenge group on Facebook two years ago and in those two years I have felt better than ever. I have learned a tonne more because Rebecca does not go for the empty self-proclaimed raw guru style preaching – no! She is actively researching the subject of health like myself and always provides on her posts a wealth of scientific validation and back-up – which is actually quite rare in this “alternative” community.
    What I really like about Rebecca is her realistic approach and focus on science and education, but coming from someone who has “done it”! Not just theories and dry science facts, not any empty promises that “if you follow what I say you’ll get superhuman health, strength and beauty”, not focus on the superficial aspects like simply weight loss. She provides something entirely different:
    – A true personal healing story which is a great inspiration in itself!
    – A coach who has been through it all – addictions, hard detox symptoms – everything and can really empathize with you.
    – A coach who actually listens to your deepest concerns and would never disregard or laugh off any issue that feels significant to you.
    – A coach who really does her research.
    – A coach who really lives what she is teaching – and is teaching out of love, because she is grateful for her new healthy lease of life after MS and wants to pass the good message on! Wants to really help others.
    I want to mention in short a few of the things I have gained from my interaction with Rebecca – I have fully conquered now my previous appetite for overt fats (avocados, coconuts, seeds and nuts). I have come out more openly on social media to communicate and interact with other long-term or aspiring raw vegans. I have become much more serious about sport and moving my body. I have lost all my previous concerns regarding nutritional deficiencies and there are surely many other things that I can’t remember right now.
    But hear this coming from a 25-year-long conscious frugivore: I fully agree with and trust Rebecca in the matters of fruit-based raw vegan lifestyle. Moreover, she is truly compassionate, intelligent and has the gift to explain and convince without trying, without selling. And I haven’t yet met another raw vegan coach like that.
    Thank you, Rebecca!

  7. kbjjdoc (verified owner)

    Rebecca is an amazing wealth of information and experience! I was blown away by how much she knows about not only fruitarian diets but health in general! My 1 hour session just FLEW by so fast and still I was wishing for more time. One of the greatest things is that she has given me workable information that I can put into place immediately. Other dieting strategies I cannot say the same thing for—yet her plan I have the tools so that I can incorporate her information immediately so as to transition from vegan to fruitarianism. She handled all of my questions easily and professionally and is such a delightful person! I recommend her to anyone looking for knowledge of fruit and plant based eating! You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much, Rebecca for your dedication and wisdom and I look forward to chatting with you again soon!

  8. alexisvickery (verified owner)

    Rebecca is so great and so helpful! I was diagnosed with ms this year and really needed some guidance to help me on my healing journey. She helped me so much and I’m so grateful to have found her! I will continue coaching with her and can’t wait to see the results I’ll have! She answered all of my questions and was very helpful with different tips and suggestions. I highly recommend working with her!

  9. April Sanders (verified owner)

    Rebecca is the BOMB. One of the things I love the most after our sessions is how empowered I feel! I have done coaching sessions with different raw vegans, and Rebecca is the only person I’ve actually come back to after the first session. She’s beautiful inside and out — very kind, intelligent, gives PRACTICAL, realistic advice for my current lifestyle, and is aware of financial limitations and how to make this diet work best for me on a budget. She also gives great advice for my specific situation (autoimmune background), and I trust both her anecdotal and research-backed knowledge. The only thing I struggle with is how quickly the hour goes by! I appreciate the discounts on multiple sessions though, because I will continue booking them throughout my journey. I finally feel like I can really do this thing – she makes it simple by unwrapping the mystery of this lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier about it (and no, there’s no kickbacks or coupons for writing reviews – the glowing reviews are legit because she’s legit). She even follows up through email with recommendations, videos, and other sources of information that was discussed during the session for your reference. Five stars all day!

  10. Haley Ramsey (verified owner)

    I met with Rebecca once almost a year ago, and her words of wisdom still affect my outlook on health. I forgot to leave a review following the session, but seeing one of her many uplifting posts on her Instagram reminded me of how much she helped me. I feel that I need to let her know just how much she helped. I also want to try to communicate just how effective Rebecca’s coaching can be to others who might be on a health journey.

    Rebecca helped me SO much in my transition to a healthy lifestyle. She is supportive, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I am incredibly grateful for the support she has given me on my health journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca’s coaching services. You can rest assured that she has researched health extensively. She gave me tons of resources to learn more for myself. I walked away from our coaching session with valuable resources to keep me motivated, curious, and confident in my health journey.

    Rebecca is a beacon of light. I recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health.

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